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America Through The Cinema Of The Coen Brothers

America Through The Cinema Of The Coen Brothers

By on Mar 13, 2014 in Arts and Culture, Blog, USA | 0 comments

Speaking of cinema is assumed that the emergence of the United States, and for obvious reasons. Obvious, but does not stipulate that the quality of the products is equal to capital expenditure and receipts at the box office. But it’s not all gold that glitters is equally true that since 1894 (the date of the first screenings of Thomas Edison) to date we have been able to benefit from the highest quality products come from overseas. And it is for exactly a century after the creation of cinetofono, and then the film with a lot of sound, taking their first steps as a protagonist Ethan and Joel Coen, two young brothers who will give life to a series of masterpieces of American filmography, telling the America with an eye for character and detail. A movie theater, their, sophisticated and irreverent, grotesque, innovative, surprising and sometimes ambiguous, which moves in all genres, leaving a strong impression, a trademark, brilliant and full of a very strong styling. Although they have always enjoyed considerable critical consideration at the two brothers, natives of St. Louis Park, a suburb of Minneapolis, reject any type of diva-like attitude, in life and in relationships with people. Traits that often emerge in the characters created specifically for their films and masterfully played by many actors, some of which are often present in several of their films, such as John Goodman, phenomenal character actor, John Turturro and Frances McDorman, among other things, became the wife of Joel Coen. And America with its contradictions that emerge stronger in the films of the Coen brothers to start from Raising Arizona, delirious history typically American with a huge Nicolas Cage. After a few years comes the final seal with the Oscar for Fargo, the 1996 masterpiece steeped in macabre kind of humor that is their trademark. And one of the golden moments for the two brothers  in fact, the next movie (1998) is that The Big Lebowski, still among the most popular. Two years later, the crew will come down to Mississippi for a successful and brilliant parody of Homer’s Odyssey titled O Brother Where Art Thou? A story of pomade, bluegrass, blues, crossroads, bank robbers and idiotic members of the...

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