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Come On In My Kitchen

Come On In My Kitchen

By on Mar 13, 2014 in Blog, Food, Senza categoria, USA | 0 comments

The American food is commonly regarded as low-level , this does not apply to the States of the South, where the mixing of different ethnic groups has created a culinary culture of a certain thickness. Try to think what might have happened by mixing influences Native American, African, French, Spanish, Anglo-Scots-Irish and Italian. A term might be “Soul Food”, but also Creole, Cajun, Lowcountry and Floribbean, according to the State of origin. Generally the dishes can be considered poor and are based on local products manufactured according to the area. Who is fond of blues will have had the opportunity to hear, read or see how the food is important in popular culture, as well as the “Moonshine”, the liquor made from corn homemade, which is quite common in rural Mississippi. Although the musicians define it “the soul of the blues” and Mississippi John Hurt seems to have been one of the most skilled producers, is still a product illegal, so better avoid it. If corn whiskey is the soul of the blues barbeque (BBQ) is certainly the heart. This dish usually made of pork, spices and sauces, baked artisan, sometimes even extravagant, closed ovens peat-based or hyckory is considered a must since the time of Charley Patton, who is said, particularly fatty pieces predilection to avoid getting drunk. This type of cooking is part of the tradition and it can be found at various festivals or along the streets of the city, perhaps trusting their sense of smell to choose. For the lucky ones you can come across delicacies “downhome” like “Chitlins” on the basis of the so-called scraps of pork, but it is known that the pig does not throw anything away. If you are not meat lovers fear not, the fish is not lacking, rather it is the other food par excellence connected to the blues. Not surprisingly, the Catfish often appears in the lyrics of blues songs being used as a powerful symbol to conceal sexual images. And tradition in Mississippi for anyone to eat a delicious plate of fried catfish accompanied by “hushpuppies” (corn nuggets), fries or coleslaw. May happen to meet in the menus even the name “Buffalo” is not the meat of...

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