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Crossroads, Devils and Ghosts of Mississippi

Crossroads, Devils and Ghosts of Mississippi

By on Mar 13, 2014 in Blog, Music, USA | 0 comments

A trip with Travel For Fans, the project created by the Rootsway Association of Parma and the Il Blues Magazine, in collaboration with Tour Operator Altrimenti Viaggi, it can give many pleasant surprises, such as revive old legends related to the land where the blues was born, in the heart of Mississippi Delta. Every culture has deep roots, traditionally, special emblems that can wrap around themselves curious stories and mythologies. Many of these emblems are strongly linked with the various religions, throughout history, have been mixed together. As happened in the Southern States of the USA where, due to the importation of human material, to be used as slaves on the plantations, Africa and the Caribbean colonies their original religions, Voodoo in head, were outlawed by landowners fearful of practices and religious cults exercised. Obviously this does not mean that the traditions and beliefs of the origins were abandoned and forgotten, there was – in fact – that black people adopt some religious figures and did their Christian rituals and sacred books without, however, betray and forget their origins. And it is on these origins that was born black American religion that we find represented in the blues, and gospel while in spitituals prevails in the expression of the Christian religion, particularly Baptist and evangelical. Of course, every religion has a figure to contrast the good, to truth, to God or an evil entity, destructive and deceptive and that may be spiritual or supernatural. If you want to be precise, in contrast to the Christian religion, in the Haitian, where does the voodoo god Legba – wrongly compared to the devil – may be compared to the African god Eshu – Elegba that he had not at all negative powers but, on the contrary, played a role as intermediary between the gods and man, as well as the patron god of travelers and roads, and it was customary to leave offerings at crossroads in his honor. Here, then, comes into play a fundamental symbol for the African-American population: the crossing. Better known by the term crossroads is not only the meeting point of two streets, but is the choice to change life drastically. In the history of the blues,...

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